Downtempo Dub Hop meets IDM glitch. Enjoy the latest mix even if it is a little hot. Horns by Jazzyspoon and Jeff Bernhardt.

A simple, downtempo electronic collab track that is (in my mind) a soundtrack to a sci-fi show that hasn’t been made (and may never be made). A bit more celebratory than some of my other electronic stuff. Zoozither on epiano/synths, Jazzyspoon on synths/drums/production/arrangement/mix. Big thanks to Silent Sister on the few vocal spots scattered sparsely throughout. Free download!

Something I did vocals on a loong time ago… Listen to: Light by Vlantis

Free download of this trip hop/shoegazer rock track. This was a collab between Ekocentrik (Sarah) and myself. Sarah on songwriting/lyrics/vocals/guitar/synths/concept and me on drums/synths/bass/guitars/mixdown/production/etc. I thought this newly updated mix was good enough to share with everyone here, Enjoy!

Electronic track played live on Jazzyspoon SONGFREEZER (NI Reaktor ensemble).